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Professional Leasehold Property Mediation in London

At Cosil Solutions we can help resolve your disputes by providing a transparent and smooth, end-to-end mediation experience. This ensures you receive the best service from the information provided.

All our mediators have extensive experience dealing with disputes following years of working for large institutions within the private and public sectors. Our mediators are qualified Civil & Commercial Mediators and registered with the Mediation Network and CMC.

With experience and knowledge in their respective fields, their extensive backgrounds of working with private individuals to public bodies as property specialist and skills as a mediator, will aid you in finding a solution.

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Our Services 

Property Disputes

Property law is a vast and complicated area. Disputes over property can range from relatively minor incidents to large and complicated matters. Mediation is a powerful tool for all parties in the dispute to be heard fairly and evenly. The aim being to reach a resolution that is beneficial to both parties.

Contract Disputes

Mediation is a useful tool when contract disputes appear. We can help mediate disputes in all sorts of commercial matters, breach of lease, business to business, and so much more.

Neighbour Disputes

Most people in the UK have a neighbour and get on fine with them. However, there are times when disagreements can arise that can not be settled by a simple chat. If unaddressed these can develop into significant disputes. Mediate is a quick and cost-effective way of reaching a resolution without having to resort to costly and time-consuming legal action.


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