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A Bit About Us

Cosil Solutions are a group of professionals with over 15-years’ experience gained from working in both private and public sectors. Our extensive work in Property Management has enabled us to specialize in Leasehold and Freehold Issues, to resolve all litigation matters via mediation.

Our objective is to provide a safe environment where parties can put aside their differences and reach an amicable solution to their disputes. Our approach is to facilitate and aid resolutions without the need of incurring high court costs. 

As experienced mediators, we explore, tailor, and adopt solutions to suit our clients’ needs. We encourage our partners to understand the client and other party’s disputes. Being passionate about helping people creates a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Mediation is voluntary, and nothing is decided unless the people involved agree. Making mediation an effective way to resolve most issues. What happens at the mediation is confidential, and what is learned there cannot be used later if there are any court proceedings, making it a safe space for negotiations.

What we do

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Property Disputes

Contract Disputes 

Neighbour Disputes

Customer Testimonials

I worked with Insley at Wandle Housing Association. I found Insley to be highly Professional with a vast knowledge of leasehold tenures and assignments. I have found Insley to be solution-focussed with a high level of customer care. I found Insley to be very supportive as a colleague and would welcome the opportunity to work with Insley again.

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